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Maletin aluminio/waterproof case
  • Maletin aluminio/waterproof case
  • Maletin aluminio/waterproof case
  • Maletin aluminio/waterproof case
  • Maletin aluminio/waterproof case
  • Maletin aluminio/waterproof case

Maletin aluminio/waterproof case

Small Hard Shell Case With Extra Protected Foam For Cameras Plastic Case Power Box

Product Information

Brand Name: customized

Material: Plastic, Plastic ABS/PP

In Size: 365×247×105mm

O D : 390×285×120mm
Other Size ,welcome to contact me , I will send you our all size for your choose .
our mail : fy@fy-case.com 

Product name: Plastic Waterproof Tool Boxes With Custom Foam And Color

Color: Customized Color

Logo: Customized Logo


Certification: ISO9001/ROHS/REACH

Function: Protect Instrument


1.There is area for sticking LOGO at both the bottom of case body and the top of cover. 
2.The silicone rubber gasket is the key for the sealing and waterproof of the case, and at the time of clearing and washing the case opening, prevent scraping or scratching the gasket. Guard against pricking by needle or cutting by knife. 
3.At the time of using, any foreign matter adhered to the gasket and the climb of case opening, such as sand particle and scrap, etc., shall be examined and cleared to guarantee the absolute sealing of the case. 
4.All Safety Equipment Cases are designed with purge value, which is right beside the handle. In case you are unable to open after flight, travel or returning from mountain elevations, you can open the case by simply loosening the value in anti-clockwise to balance the pressure inside and outside of the case. 
5.Various stains adhered on the outer surface of the case can be washed by household abluent. Avoid the use of hard brush, such as steel wire brush, so as to prevent scratch on the surface. 
6.With the multilayer foam cut into cubed pattern in advance, it is easier to customize various cavities.;If too much foam block is moved out because of carelessness, it can be agglutinated by glue. 
7:In the season with high temperature and high humidity, in order to avoid too high temperature in the case, do not put the equipment case to any place exposed to the scorching sun or where high heat is generated.


1.Color can be customized(need samples),but we have MOQ;
2.Material can be changed ,such as adding flame retardant,antistatic agent;
3.Modifications can been done ,such as drilling holes,adding or changing PCB pillars(not free in charge);
4.All the products are designed under the regulations of certain protections,but we don’t provide the certificates;
5.For some special requirements,please contact us in advance,and describe this in the PO;
6.Because of revising and updating,technic data may not be updated on time,please get the confirmation before order;
7.Welcome to DEVELOP NEW MOULD  with us,including OEM !